Blogger Profiles: Galen Panger!

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Name: Galen Panger
Title(s): Founder, former President (2006-2007)
Class: 2007
Major: Public Policy
Hometown: Beach Park, IL
E-mail: gpanger at gmail
Life aspirations:
To make the world safe for human creativity and initiative, to enhance democracy and community through the internet, to continue educating myself on the ways of the world, to get involved in politics, to stop global warming, and to help relieve poverty here in America and abroad.
Favorite websites
Watch these YouTube videos:

Anna Deavere-Smith at TED

Eugene Nho For ASSU Senate

MADtv – iRack (including blooper)
Favorite picture you found online:
(that’s how i feel sometimes)
Personal heroes:
Al Gore (he should be president!)
Steve Jobs


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