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Name: Min Liu
Class: 2006
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: San Jose, CA
E-mail: min [at] cs [dot] stanford [dot] edu
Life aspirations:
Find the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, design, and photography. Be with friends. And bake and cook and dine out. And travel. And read the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Economist compulsively. And all the blogs I love. Discover the best hot chocolate on this side of the U.S. (it’s no easy task!!). Go swimming and hiking, and play vball on the Oval!
Favorite websites: My flickr, and Google Maps in general.
Watch these youtube videos:

Favorite picture you found online:
I have too many (i heart flickr), but here’s my current fav, of a father and his son, Wilson:
Something wild and crazy about myself: I’ve gone to more grad student parties after graduation than I have partied in my undergrad career. The benefits of living in the Bay Area as an alum :)
With “The Peel” at the Cantor Arts Center on campus.



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