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The Unofficial Stanford Blog is committed to being an open publication, meaning that any person at Stanford can sign up to blog and contribute as much as he or she wants. However, to keep the blog up and running smoothly, TUSB has a leadership team responsible for maintaining the blog. If you are interested in joining The Unofficial Stanford Blog in an official leadership position, email Josh at jbfreedman at stanford dot edu or blogforstanford at gmail dot com.
The current staff for Winter 2010*:
Blogger-in-chief: Josh Freedman (jbfreedman@)
Blog Supervisors:
Charlie Dunn (ccdunn@)
Darius Richardson (dariusr@)
Blog Contributors
Elaine Albertson (elainea1@)
Ian Bardenstein (ibard@)
Chris Rurik (crurik@)
Leslie Wu (lwu2@)
Former staff
Jason Shen
Christian Tom
Darius Tahir
Galen Panger
*Updated January 2010.



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