Happy Vaentines Day!

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The perfect Valentine’s eCard for that special hippie co-op someone.
This Valentine’s Day, why not make that “I love you” a sustainable one? We’re not suggesting that you propose to anyone necessarily (that might be a little too sustainable)… but how about greening it up a little bit? Some easy things you can do today to say “Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine” in a greener way:

  • Shower together. It saves water, and it’s a sexy treat! Just, for the sake of your housemates, make sure you clean up afterwards. You can learn more about greening your sex life here and here.
  • Cook ’em a nice, organic dinner. Head on down to Whole Foods on Emerson and pick up all the tasty organic ingredients you need. While you’re at it, pick up some organic chocolates, too.
  • Offset your loved one’s carbon emissions for the next year. A $30 gift certificate is enough for them to purchase a TerraPass for their dorm room, and best of all, you can send these gift certificates via e-mail!
  • Rent An Inconvenient Truth and watch it together. If you still haven’t seen it, or watching Al Gore talk about global warming is a turn-on for either one of you, this documentary could be the perfect lead-in to foreplay. Or even foreplay itself. (Unfortunately, there are none available from Green as of this writing.)

For more, check here and here.
In other news, Google appears to have dropped the “L” from its name for Valentine’s Day. “Googe”? That just sounds gross.
Maybe there was another chocolate-covered strawberry there and somebody ate it.


3 Responses to “Happy Vaentines Day!”

  1. T-Bone says:

    yeah, I’m not happy about Googe either. I feel like they could’ve designed
    it better.

  2. Vinny says:


  3. Oto Kiralama says:

    Google, google :)


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