Hello World!

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Welcome to the early stages of the Unofficial Stanford Blog. You can call it our “beta” release, but then… that might just be gross.
What are we here for? Well, no blog written by Stanford students for Stanford students has yet garnered the critical mass necessary to be a force in the dialog here on campus. And that’s a shame simply because, by virtue of being online and subject to minimal editorial control, a blog with a critical mass of legitimacy and readership would have the opportunity to make campus dialog more spontaneous, more intimate, and — clearly — more diverse.
So, we’re here to do that, and we’d love for you to contribute. You can already tell that we’re going to be talking politics. We’ll probably also be talking sports, and… well, you can bet we’re going to be taking advantage of YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and everything else that makes the web great. We’re obviously not going to stop at just text, so… film studies majors, please do apply.
While we’re at it, we’re hoping also to inspire more people and more student groups to join us with their own blogs. This way, we could build a whole network of Stanford blogs and, well, that could be pretty cool. You’ll notice that our URL is http://blog.stanford.edu/unofficial. If you or your group is interested, we can make it very easy for you to have your own blog past that third slash. That is, if you don’t want to just contribute to the Unofficial Stanford Blog.

For example, the Stanford chapter of Amnesty International is creating a blog to help raise awareness of America’s use of torture, and you’ll soon be able to find that at http://blog.stanford.edu/torture. This is just one possibility among many, and we welcome students (and possibly faculty) from anywhere in the university to come share their wit, intelligence, and passion with us, whether it be through contributions to the Unofficial Stanford Blog or to some other Stanford student blog.
E-mail blogforstanford at gmail dot com to talk to us. There’ll be more formalities as we settle in, but for now, we’re just interested in anything you might have to say. Also, you’re more than welcome to come to our meetings, which are Thursdays at 9PM in Grove Lasuen.


3 Responses to “Hello World!”

  1. The Unofficial Stanford Blog says:

    Join us!

    As we said in our first post, “Hello World!”, we’re here to breathe some fresh air into campus dialogue and to be the glue that helps stick Stanford’s bloggers together to form some sense of community. We love to…

  2. Richard Quick says:

    Well done on not going for a web 2.0 logo .. wise choice ;o)
    I’m gonna be keeping an eye on this site – there are already some
    interesting stories and I’m expecting great things from America’s brightest

  3. iddaa says:

    wise choice


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