The Third Generation of User Interfaces

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First was the command line. Then was the GUI. Next up may be the 3-D multi-touch user interface, some of which is already making it out into the real world, for example in the iPhone. The latest innovations in interface design are meant to make computers look and work more like we and the physical world do, so that the interface recedes into the background, leaving us, simply, with our content. With interfaces like the one demonstrated here by NYU’s Jeff Han, the old point-and-click model becomes just one of many new touch gestures possible in the multi-touch, ten-finger world in which we live. Check it out:

For more on multi-touch and other cool interface projects, try here and here (video). Of course, Stanford is in on the fun, too. Check out the iRoom, for example, or just check out our HCI website.


One Response to “The Third Generation of User Interfaces”

  1. iphone music says:

    Extraordinary! I know that the iphone is only a minimal application of this technology but somehow I now feel that with the iphone I will be participating in a New World! The video re-frames the way I have thought about computers and I was only hoping that Jeff would show us how this technology will impact on music and music creation.


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