A Swift Kick in the Butt

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Kick in the Butt
Growing up, I’ve wanted to be many things: archaeologist, astronaut, scientist, science writer. But I never really wanted to be a doctor. It was stagnant, it was done for the money, and most importantly, my mother wanted it. So I fought against it. Yet I ended up majoring in Biological Sciences, where everyone either goes on to Medical School or graduate school in a bio-related field. But I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Sure, I had some ideas, but it was hard to figure out who would be paying me to do these things.
Then I saw Paul Wise speak at a SAID dinner, and he changed my mind. He said that if you work in any policy related field, you have to have “statistical compassion”. You’ve got to feel just as good about seeing a drop in child mortality rates late one night, as you would after saving someone’s life after an 8 hour surgery. I realized that I needed that hands on experience.

I want to help end poverty. But I want to interact with the people I’m trying to help as well. So I want to go to medical school, get an MD and a Master’s in public health and work in international health and poverty relief. I want to work in a clinic in a 3rd world country. I want to make those people healthier with my hands, and with the programs I start and the policies I help draft and implement. I want them to have a better life.
Now that is the goal. To get there I have to do a lot of things. Namely, get my GPA up. It currently stands at a meager 3.3, which is not going to cut it. So it’s time to buckle down and hit the books like I never have in my academic career.
I always laughed at the super grade sensitive, over studying premeds. But now I have become one. But I know why I’m doing it. Not for the money, not for the prestige, not because mom wants me to do it.
But because there 29,000 children under the age of 5 who die everyday due to malnutrition and preventable disease. (unicef)
I will not stand for that. And so I study. It’s time for a swift kick in the butt.


3 Responses to “A Swift Kick in the Butt”

  1. Galen says:

    that’s awesome.

  2. irina says:

    Next year, check out Econ 127. It’s cross-listed with HumBio. It’s also exactly what you’re talking about. But with regressions.

  3. Marketing Products says:

    Good for you! It sounds like you will do just fine – and that others will benefit from your passion.


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