Birdcage Watch: Winter Quarter, Week 7

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The birdcage has suddenly exploded with banners. Let’s see… we’ve got the Energy Crossroads conference… pretty exciting (Thomas Friedman is speaking tomorrow!). The BASES eChallenge…. and then, lots of parties. Does anyone feel like their inbox is exploding with Facebook invites? Yeah, this would help explain it.
Chi-Sino Royale,” “Little Miss Kappa,” “God Save the Queen” (?), “Ted Leo and the Pharmacists,” the Frosh Talent Show, “The Winter of Our Disco Tent” (I love that one)… and, even though they don’t have a banner, let’s not forget the Queer Formal tomorrow!

There it is, folks… check out the mascot video.
…and does anyone know what this is about? “Loyalist Pride Day”? I don’t quite get it. But I guess it had to happen eventually… there are so many student groups here that students are running out of things to create and become President of. It was only a matter of time before someone started an anglophilic, “Let’s be an English colony again” campaign.


3 Responses to “Birdcage Watch: Winter Quarter, Week 7”

  1. Jen says:

    The Loyalist Pride Day was a publicity stunt for studying abroad in Oxford.
    Or at least that’s the impression i got from their advertising emails.

  2. Bruce Swedal – Denver Real Estate says:

    There are ulterior motives for most everything. The question is was it worthwhile?

  3. Erik Dattwyler says:

    I found some loyalist pride on youtube
    check it out… Tin Soldiers on the march
    -Erik Dattwyler
    Locate Homes


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