California’s High Speed Rail

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State transportation planners have nearly finished designing a high-tech bullet train system that would take passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just over two-and-a-half hours at 220 mph — faster than a Ferrari. The electric train, which would extend from San Diego to the Bay Area and Sacramento, is slated to be put before voters in 2008 at a price tag of $30 billion. Given California’s population growth rate — we effectively add another San Jose to our population every two years — the ensuing commuter flood will jam our highways and airports. An electric high-speed bullet train would be significantly more environmentally- and aesthetically-friendly, not to mention cheaper, than building more highways and/or expanding our airports.
Though the rest of the industrialized world has had high speed trains like this for as much as 43 years (in the case of Japan), America has yet to construct even one truly high-speed train (i.e. over 200 mph).
As always, California will show the way.

Visit the California High Speed Rail Authority Website for more >>


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    I think train is the best

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    very good


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