Changing of the Tree

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n218757_31327976_7659.jpgThe Stanford Daily’s Loren Newman is reporting that senior Tommy Leep has selected the new Tree for 2007-08, freshman John Whipple.
What do you think of this guy?
Whipple did have a pretty nice stunt when he gave himself a dry ice burn, eschewing his original plan of metal branding.
But other than that, he really didn’t do that much to impress me.
It seems Whipple may have won just because his opposition was pretty lame. Granted, the selection process is oh-so complex and mysterious. But instead of getting people on campus talking about their debauchery or craziness, Tree candidates had students fuming about messes they left behind in White Plaza from vomit, paint balls, egg shells, etc.
Is Stanford, even our notorious Tree, becoming tame?

[Side note: Wikipedia has already been updated with the new tree. Craziness.]



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