Guerrilla Art on Campus

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When thinking of outdoor art on campus, what comes to mind for most people is the rich collection of sculptures affiliated with the Cantor Arts Museum. Lately, though, Stanford has seen several guerrilla art installations popping up across campus.
If you spend a lot of time touring Campus Drive Loop, you will have undoubtedly noticed the huge geodesic dome constructed on the lawn outside of Chi Theta Chi. This is an incredible feat of construction, and I have been told it started as a scrap project, and turned into a masterpiece.
Recently, the Tresidder Bollards were dressed up in what looks to be pajamas, with lace fringe. This installation only lasted one day.

Probably most people have noticed the round-about installed in the corridor of death by the clock tower.This clever installation, while serving as an effective method for preventing bike accidents, also has become a podium for artwork installation. Perhaps the facilities committee will take a cue from this renegade installation of traffic control, and consider installing a permanent one.
Guerrilla art installations on campus have been a subject of debate among many students in the arts community, and the subject is usually brought up in the context of “there isn’t enough student art or visual art on campus.” So far, campus facilities has seemed open enough to these types of installations, especially short-run installations in White Plaza or Tresidder.
A fun installation a few weeks back was a giant game of Jenga in White Plaza:

Over the last couple of years, various groups of students have attempted to formalize the installations on campus, either through the Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA), or through midnight chalking and expeditions. Perhaps, renegade art installations will inspire a more organized effort to get more student artwork into public spaces on campus.


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  1. The Unofficial Stanford Blog says:

    PINK FLAMINGOS take over campus for SOCA’s An Art Affair

    Last night, SOCA members helping to organize An Art Affair, Stanford’s largest arts festival (happening THIS WEEKEND!), took initiative to set up ~60 pink lawn flamingos across campus, all marked with “SOCA” and Art Affair information. “Guerrilla adve…

  2. Dwayne says:

    I’ve never heard the term Guerrilla art although I guess I’ve past by it many times. Got a name for it now :)


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