Professor Emeritus Phil Zimbardo on The Daily Show

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Psychology Professor Emeritus Phil Zimbardo put in a funny and enlightening performance with Jon Stewart in last night’s The Daily Show. They start with a cute exchange wherein Jon notes that he was once a Psychology major himself:
Zimbardo: “What’d you get in introductory psych?”
Jon: “Introductory Psych 101? I got… uhh… ‘Yes, your essay was long enough.'”
The very popular and notorious Stanford Psychology professor gave his farewell lecture at Stanford three weeks ago and is now making the rounds to promote his new book, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, which discusses, in detail for the first time, the famed Stanford Prison Experiment of 1971, and then draws parallels to the modern-day events of American prison abuses in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere.
Watch the video online here.



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