Seeing Barack Obama in SF

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After attending a rally yesterday afternoon in Oakland (which you can see here), Barack Obama, junior Senator from Illinois and 2008 Democratic presidential candidate, met with supporters at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco — I know, very swanky. He spoke briefly and then signed books and spoke with audience members, mingling amicably and talking with supporters, including a bunch of Stanford students on hand.
I got to be *this close* to him and even shook his hand and said a few — albeit brief — words to him. About 40 Stanford students got the opportunity to go to the event since Dean Julie is working on the campaign. The event was invitation-only and thrown for donors to Obama’s campaign. Because it was on a weekend (Obama was in the area for the rally), a number of the bigwigs originally invited were unable to attend. Dean Julie was notified and posted the information to (what else?), her Facebook profile.

The Mark Hopkins hotel is niiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeee.
I mean, come on: look at that.
The event itself was nothing special. After all, it was just a fundraising dinner and it’s not as if Obama made some big announcement of his position on one thing or another. But at the end of the speech, many of the people who stayed behind were Stanford students or the press and we all got the opportunity to be with him up close. Plus, the party favors were beers (with pint glasses) from the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, and they even say BAY AREA FOR OBAMA on them (though it is also clearly marked that the stuff is not in any way endorsed by the campaign). That was, in some ways, the coolest thing about it all.
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