Squashing Stereotypes

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male_female_1.jpgI was given an account and told to post…
Over the last several months the concept of stereotype threat has been on my mind a lot. (I realize I’m linking to my nemesis Wikipedia. So it goes. Follow the link for some very interesting data. If you’re super ambitious, you can track down some of the published references.) I couldn’t stop thinking about stereotype threat as I was reading an article several days ago which discussed the perception of male versus female leaders:

While more than half our 60,000 respondents said a person’s sex makes no difference to leadership abilities, most who expressed a preference said men are more likely to be effective leaders.
Of male respondents, 41 percent said men are more likely to be good leaders, and 33 percent of women agreed. And three out of four women who expressed a preference said they would rather work for a man than a woman.

We have made great progress over the last several decades in race and sex equality, but as this article demonstrates, we are not finished. Racism and sexism is still around (I’ve experienced the former personally). It’s up to our generation to build upon the progress of our forbears. I’ll come back to this theme at some point if no one else does. But feel free to chime in, this is an important discussion that we all often ignore.



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