Stanford beats Arizona State, 63-53

Posted by at 10:49PM

It’ll be great to see us in March Madness, and it’s great to see us win comfortably over a bad team. There were no jitters here.
Fred Washington. He had a great offensive game; he attacked the basket and got to the line thirteen times. Damn, that’s good. Defense was a little off but still pretty good.
Mitch Johnson and his Juvenation Machine: I’m afraid I’ll jinx his shooting touch; let’s just move on here…
Lawrence Hill: Glad to see him get back to his high-scoring, inside-out efficiency game.
THE BAD on the other hand…

The Lopez Twins: Come on, when we’re all wearing silly wigs for you guys, could you at least not play your collective worst games I’ve seen all year? 4-12 combined? 9 combined points? 6 combined boards? Yuck. Totally yuck. The only positive thing is that our wings stepped up. If we put all of it together, we’re formidable.
Foul Shooting: As usual. 56.3% is no good. I’m looking at you, Lawrence; 1-4 doesn’t cut it.
Pick and Roll Defense: We were abused by Christian Polk and the high big-small pick and roll. Our big would stick out too long and Polk would pass down; or we wouldn’t contest and he went for a three. Very frustrating to watch.



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