Stanford NOT No. 14 in the US News Rankings…

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Hopefully everyone has gotten the joke by now. I saw the Chappie Daily on my way out the door to class this morning, and about had a heart attack. In a cloud of shock and self-doubt, I wondered internally, “How will I explain this on tours?” At lunch, several people were just beginning to read the fake Daily and had similar looks of fear and uncertainty on their faces.
Way to skewer the issue, Chappie. The joke is definitely on us. Except for all of the profros who were on campus today. I wonder what it was like for them to find that headline!
For anyone who is still wondering, the US News and World Report’s annual college rankings are released in the fall and Stanford currently sits at No. 4.
Not that it matters or anything.


One Response to “Stanford NOT No. 14 in the US News Rankings…”

  1. David says:

    I thought this was the best headline of any of the Chappie Daily’s I’ve
    seen. I feel like some of my friends actually would transfer if this were
    true. How messed up is that? What are we really looking for from college?


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