The False Choice

Posted by at 9:26AM

Feel like the only one who hasn’t chosen a presidential candidate for 2008? Well, you’re not alone. Gallup has a new poll that shows only 15% of registered voters saying they made up their minds about who they will support and only 22% have a “good idea” who they will support.
If you’re a tired of hearing about how great Clinton, Obama and Giuliani are, you are not alone. The rest of the country is taking their time. So should you. Get to know the candidates and look at their record. Some may be surprised to learn that one of the candidates got into some trouble for helping to get the Pentagon Papers out, that one of the candidates is a former ambassador to the UN, or that one of the candidates lost a lot of weight and has become a big advocate of preventative health care (hey, it’s a Republican so, yeah, that’s news).



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