The Next Big War

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Lost amidst the top Democratic presidential candidats’ Iraq war one-upmanship (or womanship), is the looming threat that the US is about to embark on another adventure: Iran. It’s easy for the very real possibility of an attack on Iran to be downplayed as presidential candidates fiddle vocally with details of troop deployment and funding levels for the war in Iraq. However, the threat of strikes against Iran is very real.
In January, I met with retired General Wesley Clark who was very concerned about the current situation in the middle east. (Disclaimer: he’s my candidate of choice in ’08.) The increasing possibility of strikes against Iran has become great enough that General Clark has made stopping such actions his top priority–at the expense of a possible presidential campaign. Together with, General Clark has set up a website,, aimed at bringing attention to the situation and to push diplomatic efforts in Iran. The rush to war in ’03 couldn’t be stopped, but there are avenues available in the Democratically controlled Congress that can be used to push diplomacy over war. I’ll be discussing upcoming legislation later here and elsewhere. For now, you can sign the petition. (Bill Richardson has a petition as well as Hillary Clinton)


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  2. Kareem Macias says:

    This is just more proof that Obama and Bush are the same. Obama is carrying on Bushs agenda.


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