Welcome Admits!

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At 3:00PM this afternoon, admission officers, all dressed in their Stanford sweatshirts, gathered around to celebrate the shipment of admission packages for the 1,715 applicants admitted through Regular Decision along with follow-up letters to the 750 applicants admitted early. At 3:00PM, admission decision information also became available online, and admits were able to register for a SUNet ID to access the new Admit Website.
This year was the most competitive in Stanford’s history, with 23,956 applicants, so a big congratulations to this latest awesome pool of Stanford admits.
Some numbers:
% of admits from California: 39
% from public high schools: 60
% in the top-ten percent of their classes: 90
Number of states the admits represent: 50
Number of foreign countries: 59
Number of South Koreans: 35
Number of Canadians: 17
% of admits who are American and non-white: 52
% increase in applicants over last year (a previous record): 7
Also, a special thanks to the Admission Office for featuring this Blog prominently in the “List of Links for You to Explore” section on the admit website.



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