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Through a friend of a friend of a sister, I heard about a very interesting project called A Minute In The Life: The Simultaneous Photograph Project. The goal is to get as many people as possible to all take pictures within the same minute. He will then collect all of these pictures and do with them as he pleases. The chosen day is Saturday, the June 2nd, between 2:00 and 2:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time (11:00 and 11:01 PM for us left-coasters). Put it on your calendar and spread the word. Additional details can be found by following the link at the top of the entry. This sounds really awesome. Now, what do I want to take a picture of and send to some random dude in Bethesda, Maryland?
Of course, I can never avoid a Stanford history lesson. A while back, Stanford Magazine had a great article about the Muybridge photograph sequence (pictured), often called A Horse in Motion. Not only did it prove that all four legs of a horse are airborne mid-gallop, but it also challenged the traditional artistic depiction of horses in gallop (with legs extended, as opposed to tucked under). This 1878 series, taken rapidly with multiple fixed cameras, is often considered one of the most important precursors to film.


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  1. Greg says:

    Did the article mention if they tested this on various breeds of horses?.
    I am just curious if this is only true for certain breeds of horses or all of them.


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