Anarghya for Senate … Why?

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Hello! My name is Anarghya Vardhana, and I am running for Undergraduate Senate. Why should you vote for me? I have fresh ideas and realistic plans. I spent this year as a regular student, and felt that the connection between ASSU and the Student Body is limited to non-existent. Do you know what ASSU does? Do you know what kind of change ASSU can create?
As a Senator, I hope to establish a strong relationship between these two sides of campus, so that students can know who to go to with doubts, questions, or concerns. I also hope to create more intermingling between student groups, and strengthen larger groups, while giving smaller groups more voice and funding so that they may grow. Stanford’s diversity should not simply be limited to different races, but should incorporate diversity in ideas, interests, and thoughts.
More activities during Big Game week, and a stronger re-instatement of the Band would increase school spirit, and truly get us rallied up to beat Cal!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jamba Juice accepted the Cardinal Dollars from our meal plan? I hope to work with administration to offer students more dining hall options.
And a longterm goal and childhood fantasy would be to install water slides in Avery … we’ll see if that happens!
Overall, I am ready to take action, am always willing to listen and speak for you, and would appreciate a vote for Senate. Remember, you can vote for up to 15 people, so please vote Anarghya Vardhana for Senate!



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