Analysis: Victorious Avula/Jones Will Face Divided Senate: It’s the Queers vs. the Coloreds

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Yes, folks, it’s true (see Daily article). This year, candidates endorsed by the Students of Color Coalition (SOCC) did worse in the election than they did last year (btw, is there no SOCC website?). Perhaps that’s because student discontent rose sharply under the Coalition’s dominance of the Senate and students wanted a change. That would explain the strong showing by the anti-Office of Student Activities slate, The Warm Weather Party.
Most likely, SOCC fared poorly because the Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) decided for the first time to step into the race. QSA endorsed six candidates for Senate and — that’s right — all six of them were elected. QSA’s Special Fees request passed overwhelmingly with 72% of the vote, just below the Stanford Band. And — get this — QSA endorsed both Avula/Jones and Brett and Lakshmi, leaving students helpless to decide and leading to Avula/Jones’ victory by less than 1%.
In the words of QSA President George Xander Morris, “They had the exact same platforms, literally — not to criticize them, but they just did.”
So what will the Senate look like next year? Six Senators will be “students of color.” Six will be “queers and/or fag hags.” And the three leftover Senators are clearly straight and white (actually, only Tom Vacek claims to be straight and white).
Interestingly, the Senator who won the largest number of votes in the election was endorsed by neither SOCC nor QSA. The top vote-getter — Eugene Nho — was, in fact, endorsed by the Dems.
But let’s be honest, folks. Were the endorsements really that big of a deal in the end? It should be clear to everyone that Eugene Nho won because of his witty and creative YouTube ad, which analogized the student body’s struggles against the Office of Student Activities to the epic battle between the Spartans and the Persians at Thermopylae. No offense to the Dems, but endorsements really had nothing to do with it.
So, please. I don’t want to hear about the Dems vs. Review vs. SOCC vs. The Gays. Let’s get real. This election was a victory for YouTube.
Final Election/Endorsement ratio for each group:
QSA – 6/6 (100%); Band – 6/7 (86%); Dems – 4/6 (67%); Review – 7/13 (54%); SOCC – 6/13 (46%)


9 Responses to “Analysis: Victorious Avula/Jones Will Face Divided Senate: It’s the Queers vs. the Coloreds”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard that at the last minute QSA sent out emails retracting their endorsement for Avula/Jones.

  2. George Xander Morris says:

    Actually, we sent out an email right before elections began, stating that we were stressing the endorsement of Brett/Lakshimi, and that was because through a Senate source, we at QSA found Avula/Jones to in fact be not entirely interested in Queer issues. The news made me furious, to find that they actually mocked the importance of queer issues and of LGBT professors, and didn’t actually plan on carrying though any kind of effort on the queer issues they promised to uphold. For example,. the non-gender-based housing efforts, as well as holding dinners and events for QVSOs to network, and other politically active events. So, while the news came the night before the elections, there was little QSA could say or do about its endorsement. Yet Brett joined QSA only 1 month before the elections, suspicious, or not? I’m not against him being in the group, because he puts forth a valued piece of participation but I am constantly hoping it’s not simply a ruse to be elected/endorsed, in fact, a lie. Looking retrospectively, QSA shouldn’t have endorsed either candidate. This was the first year QSA endorsed anybody, and there was a lack of a real system for applying and interviewing, or making certain candidates were actually interested in our own issues. All QSA and any QVSO can do now, is hold Avula/Jones to their word, as partners in a mutual political endeavor to stand for the aforementioned queer issues.

  3. Brett Hammon says:

    George, I bought you pizza! And I joined the QSA like 3 months ago. Anyway, I understand your suspicion. But honestly, I was done with Fleet Street, and I was done with Gaieties and didn’t want to just sit on my ass all of winter quarter. So rest assured, even though I lost, I’ll be at QSA on wednesday. I will continue to put the “Straight” in the “Queer Straight Alliance”. Holla.

  4. Stuart Baimel says:

    What about the band? They endorsed 7 candidates and six were elected, giving them an 85% success rate. That would make them a highly successful group.
    The IFC and ISC endorsement lists were also highly successful.

  5. Galen says:

    i didn’t have the figures on the band… thanks :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Peeps.
    QSA never officially or unofficially retracted any endorsement from either candidate. Because the rumor that Mondaire and Hershey had a history of belittling Queer issues in the senate appeared before me literally an hour before elections began, it was not only I, but members of QSA as well as the group Queer and Asian who had felt cheated. We didn’t retract officially because hearsay is not hard proof. While QSA still endorses both candidates, and will continue to, we were/are more interested in faithfulness on both sides to QSA, because endorsement is regardless, a bargain: their interests are ours.
    There is only gratitude on our part that any candidate asked us to endorse them in the first place,
    and both Brett and Mondaire
    are supported by QSA.
    QSA meetings are on Wednesdays at 9 in the Juniper Room, Tressider, for all interested in the mayhem.
    -George Xander Morris

  7. Hershey Avula says:

    These rumors and lies about the Avula/Jones slate are quite frustrating and I find it important for them to be corrected. Never once did either Mondaire or I mock LGBTQ issues or their importance, and these are purely malicious rumors that likely circulated in the heat of a close election. I am sorry to see such despicable tactics could be used to hurt the character and initiatives of Mondaire and I, and we would like to reaffirm our commitment to our platform and the many initiatives we have that came directly from the suggestions of members within the LGBTQ community. We do not see the need to prove ourselves against false accusations, but we find it troubling when lies that affect our character are being disseminated. I am glad that George Xander Morris has revealed that these rumors were simply hearsay, and Mondaire and I are extremely excited to be working with the various groups, communities, and individuals across campus that the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU) is composed of. We hope that this revelation of the truth is no surprise to most students, and we trust that they were able to see through any lies about ourselves and our platform. Thank you for your time.
    Hershey Avula

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else getting sick of Avula/Jones referring to any and all criticisms (whether or not they are proven) as vicious slanderous tactics meant to prevent them from reaching “power,” if you can call it that.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Brook Lopez went one-for-one with his endorsements, and he is much bigger than a lot of Stanford’s organizations.


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