Blood For Life: Stanford Blood Center Appeals for Type-O and Type-A Donors

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Since I’m not a conservative, I am often referred to as a “Bleeding Heart Liberal.” I’m probably a bit too demanding to be considered that in a political sense, but I do feel an obligation to donate blood to try to save a life. You can donate blood too! Its fast and easy and you can set up an appointment online at the Stanford Blood Center. They are in need of O-, A- and B-. If you don’t feel like doing it for anyone, do it for the cookie and POG afterward (you can find out what POG is when you donate).
The blood center is on Welch Road and you can take the Marguerite (B-Line) or just take the nice walk over.


2 Responses to “Blood For Life: Stanford Blood Center Appeals for Type-O and Type-A Donors”

  1. sajid says:

    Giblbert..i never saw before that some site collect blood really help people to get their blood through the site. people can easily check eitther blood is available or not.
    Really very intersting. one of my friend also doing some kind of website.

  2. John Williams says:

    Stanford Blood center has launched a blog called “Bloodbuzz.” Please check us out and post blood donor related items. The url is: Feel free to send posts to me:
    Thanks for your support.


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