Christian Fundamentalism on Campus: Hate in Your Face

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When some people ask themselves “What Would Jesus Do?” in this modern age, some respond, “He would certainly carry big signs that say ‘God Hates Fags’ to soldiers’ funerals!” Others respond, “Jesus would drive to Stanford and tell the students that homosexuals are going to hell!”
The latter response is, in fact, what three older men decided to do today. They stood outside the Spring Career Fair with big signs that read “The sin and the sinner go straight to hell together,” and “Warning: Pornicators, Drunkards, Thieves, Adulterers, God Haters, Liars, HOMOSEXUALS – JUDGMENT.”
Fortunately, Stanford students wouldn’t have any of it. While it would’ve been preferrable to have the men carried off by campus security, the students made the best of the situation by calling on the men to cite Bible verses to support their claims of God’s hate and by cheering on two gay students who made out in front of the demonstrators.
Fortunately, this nice little scene was caught on video (makeout session is at the end).


9 Responses to “Christian Fundamentalism on Campus: Hate in Your Face”

  1. Leigh says:

    Way to go guys!

  2. christian says:

    that was simply beautiful (the kiss at the end, that is) haha.

  3. Jason F. says:

    Last time they were here was three years ago. The confrontation proceeded in much the same fashion.

  4. Anthony Sanchez says:

    As far I know from growing up attending a baptist church and reading the Bible, Jesus was a tolerant, embracing figure.
    Did he not embrace a prostitute? Did he not embrace adulterers? He even embraced tax collectors (now that’s tolerance!).
    Surely, he may not of endorsed their actions, but he did not shun, or ostracize them. Jesus came to save, not hate.
    Hate only drives away the very people he came to save.
    In short, these people who preach hate are hypocritical and are not following Jesus’ example, as they claim they do.
    (Disclaimer: I don’t go to church anymore and can’t claim to be a righteous Christian. But I know enough to know and believe that Jesus was a cool guy.)

  5. Peter says:

    I am an alum (’78) who was down on campus this day with my daughter, a prospective student. She was astounded and a bit disconcerted to see these evangelists and their clear hate speech. In a way, I was glad she did, though, because it showed that Stanford is, well, diverse in certain ways that she didn’t see at other schools.

  6. Huey says:

    Leviticus 18 and 20.

  7. Anthony Sanchez says:

    Huey, I sure hope you don’t mean those chapters to justify what these men were saying.
    Firstly, that was before Jesus, the old testament.
    And Secondly, as I said before, God/Jesus does not endorse, say, adulterers. In fact, that is “bad.”
    However, Jesus that ostracize and drive all the sinners. He is the very reason he came. He embraced them to save them, not to call them evil and drive them further away.

  8. Huey says:

    To be clear: what these men were saying was wrong.
    I’m just trying to understand why these guys believe what they believe. The WP article on the Bible and homosexuality is a pretty interesting overview:
    It just seems to me that if you actually believed in the truth of the Bible, that it wouldn’t be hard to make the conclusions that fundamentalist Christians make all the time. Then, the critique shouldn’t necessarily be just on these men, but on their religion, too.

  9. Journey says:

    “Hate” and Jesus didn’t exactly go together. These people who call themselves Christians and act like that are misrepresenting their own religion. It makes me sick.


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