Drugs, Thinking and Doctors

Posted by at 9:05PM

I read a book review for the upcoming How Doctors Think.
Sounds like an interesting read – now that I’ve decided to go to med school, I see things about medicine all the time. Everyone makes mistakes – including doctors.
I’m getting knee surgery next week and I’m going to ask my anesthesiologist what he thinks about the study that says that while anesthesiologists make up 6% of all physicians, they account for 25% of all physician substance abuse? It’s kind of scary and I just want to know what he/she will say. I figure if he’s clean he’ll just be annoyed and tell me he’s clean. The guy who’s not clean will probably also tell me he’s clean, but be just a bit more alert when he/she is working on me, because of the guilt of screwing up after lying to me would be awful.
That’s my hope.



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