Ethanol not sounding so great anymore…

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New research coming out of Stanford suggests that ethanol might be just as harmful for human health as gasoline (if not more) and may not even have the desired CO2 reduction benefits we need to actually take a step toward stopping climate change. Add that to the massive land use required for corn production (along with the massive pesticide use), and I’m suddenly feeling less enthusiastic about this as a fuel source. I agree with Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Mark Jacobson, who produced the results, when he says that better alternatives are electricity generated from solar and wind, and hydrogen fuel also ultimately generated from green power sources.


2 Responses to “Ethanol not sounding so great anymore…”

  1. Dwayne says:

    Interesting article. I’ve seen a lot on the benefits of using ethanol but this is one of the stongest articles (the one refferenced in you post) I’ve seen against using it.
    Thanks For the info.

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