SLAC Occupies Main Quad – 11 Now Fasting

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Sorry for the delay between updates, today has been really big and busy. This morning we packed up our tents and left our space in White Plaza. We did this both to avoid causing a disruption to a student group that had planned to use the space, and more importantly, because we had a better place to be.
We are currently occupying the space in the Main Quad directly in front of Hennessy’s office. So far he has not agreed to meet with us, so we’re trying to make it so that at least he can’t avoid seeing us outside.
A quick summary of how we got here: Today we had our big barbecue/rally for workers, students, and community members. While people were grilling and eating, two fasters and two organizers went to a speech by Hennessy to hold a banner demanding that he meet with us and to pass out flyers to attendees.
As soon as we arrived, Nanci Howe and multiple police officers surrounded us and threatened to arrest us. We hadn’t been planning on interrupting the speech, but they were yelling so loud that a lot of people were distracted. Once they calmed down, we stood by the side of the speech and held the banner, and then flyered near the end. At this point, even simple things like holding up a banner have become difficult for the fasters.
Afterwards, we held the rally part of event, including speeches from union leaders, a faster, and the 6 new people who joined the fast today. We had a great turnout and the speeches really fired people up. We then marched past the crowds of people here for Community Day to Hennesy’s office and set up our tents while police and administrators ran around trying to figure out what we might be doing. I think that they were scared we were going to occupy the actual office.
Today has been very exciting. Even though the fasters might not be physically strong right now, seeing the level of support and our own power has given us a lot of emotional strength, and we’re prepared to carry on as long as necessary.
Right now, we’re still moving stuff into our new camp. I’ll try to write more and post more pictures and videos as soon I can.



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