Fasting for a Living Wage – Day 8

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Today is day 8 of the fast, and the situation is getting a bit more critical. One of the fasters has been feeling sick and is checking into Vaden today.
We met with representatives from Human Resources and Procurement departments today. We were able to come to some agreements about issues pertaining to transparency, and the head of HR conceded our points on a couple of issues related to restrictions on the living wage. However, she maintained that she had no authority to lift these restrictions and that the President would have to do so. We’re hopeful that Hennessy will listen to reason, not to mention to the voices of the hundreds of you who have manifested your support. The more support you show, the sooner we meet again with Hennessy!

SLAC marched from the Activities Fair today to MemAud, where President Hennessy was giving a speech. They did not disrupt the speech, but rather sat on the front steps of the building and sang and chanted.
The Daily also ran two interesting point and counterpoint editorials today on what SLAC is calling for.



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