Avula/Jones Wins ASSU Executive by 1% – Live Coverage Concludes

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“We weren’t expecting this!”
Full election results at http://elections.stanford.edu/ when the ASSU gets around to posting them.
Students poring over results
5:12 – ASSU Executive (Run-off Results):
Round 1
Avula/Jones – 1867
Submit – 136
Smith/Ladewig – 339
Brett and Lakshmi – 1715
The Warm Weather Party – 440
Submit eliminated first round
Round 2
Avula/Jones – 1883
Smith/Ladewig – 351
Brett and Lakshmi – 1739
The Warm Weather Party – 484
Aaron Smith and Kyle Ladewig eliminated second round
Round 3
Avula/Jones – 1957
Brett and Lakshmi – 1845
Warm Weather Party – 517
The Warm Weather Party eliminated third round
Round 4
Avula/Jones – 2030
Brett and Lakshmi – 1992
Avula/Jones is declared the winner
Eugene Nho smiles broadly after hearing news of his victory. His awesome YouTube ad clearly paid huge dividends as he was the top vote-getter.
New Undergraduate Senators (top 15 vote-getters):
Eugene Nho – 1364
Patrick Cordova – 1102
Waddie CrazyHorse – 878
Jonathan Kass – 768
Luukas Ilves – 766
Tom Vacek – 743
Jose Benchimol – 699
Stuart Baimel – 696
Ré Phillips – 651
Priyanka Sharma – 638
Vanku Kang – 621
Sarah Golabek-Goldman – 601
Corinne Prudhomme – 587
Andy Lomeli – 569
Esosa Ozigbo – 564
5:08 – Measure A: Constitutional Amendment passes with 87.44%; Graduate GO Pass Measure fails with 61%
5:08 – All undergrad special fees passed!!
5:08 – Comedy Night failed with only 47% of Graduate votes
5:08 All Joint Special Fees pass except for Stanford News Readership Program which failed because too many abstained from voting on it, although it did receive 53.61% support from those who did vote on it.
5:07 – ASSU General Fees – 0% increase in fee in both areas
5:05 Graduate Student Council winners (top 15 vote-getters):
District Winners
Shireen Baday (Law)
Yana Emmy Hoy (Medicine)
Fen Zhao (Natural Sciences)
Melahn Parker (Engineering)
Marja Mullings (Engineering)
George Bloom (Humanities)
Euan Robertson (Social Sciences)
Rhyan Uy (Business)
Kyle Anderson (Earth Sciences)
Heather Hough (Education)
At-Large Winners
Maxim Afanasyev (Business)
Hanna Muenke (Social Sciences)
Kristina Keating (Earth Sciences)
Zen Fan (Engineering)
Lan Wei (Engineering)
5:05 – Class President Slates
Sophomore – after 4 rounds of voting – The Giving Tree
Junior – (no competitors) – The Professionals
Senior – The Office
5:04 – 5848 voters, a 10% increase over 2006. 40% of all students voted. (1072 Freshmen, 875 Sophomores, 1019 Juniors, 634 Seniors)
Announcements begin. Record turnout this year. Record number of candidates. Good job candidates. “None of the campaigns were egregiously unfair.”
CoHo is packed as announcements begin
Lakshmi Karra (center) and friends anxious as announcements are about to begin
Luukas Ilves looking Senatorial. “Like my father before me, I always wear a bow tie on election nights.”
4:47 – Candidates wandering in


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  1. Troy says:

    YOWSA!! That was close.

  2. Luukas Ilves says:

    WOW, That was really good coverage. Galen, you’ve really showed what blogreporting can do!

  3. Mike Welling says:

    Are all your elections this close usually? Talk about cutting it down to the wire! With a student body so smart though, you guys probably have everything boiled down to a science….

  4. The Unofficial Stanford Blog says:

    Constitutional Challenge Mounted to Force Re-Vote for ASSU Executive

    This just in… Senate sources are telling me that, although Hershey Avula and Mondaire Jones have been certified as ASSU President and Vice President, supporters of Brett Hammon and Lakshmi Karra have mounted a Constitutional challenge to overturn the…


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