Live ASSU Election Results Coverage – Starting at 4:30PM

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We’ll be blogging live tonight from the CoHo as the winners and losers of the ASSU Election are announced.
For now, the Daily reports that there was a record turnout of — 40% (about 6,000 students out of our roughly 15,000 voted).

With the race behind them, some slates looked back on the challenges and highlights of an intense campaign week.
Brett Hammon ‘08 said his slate worked to shed a positive light on ASSU candidates.
“A lot of people assume that everyone involved in the ASSU is a tool,” he said. “And while this is a pretty safe assumption most of the time, there are a good 15 percent of us who are not.
“I’m glad that I don’t have to watch my mouth anymore,” he added. “When I would cuss around voters, Lakshmi [Karra ‘08] would snap at me, ‘Brett, you can’t say that shit in public.’”

Check back starting at 4:30PM for live coverage from the CoHo.


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