New Stanford Soundtrack Rocks. Concert Will Kick Ass.

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K-Flay performs @ 11:30p
Tonight (Saturday) kicks off the Art Affair with a six-hour high-voltage concert by this year’s fantastic Stanford Soundtrack performers. 3,000 free CDs will be given out, free pizza will be served at 6PM, and the Art Affair tents will be open all night. It promises to be fantastic (I mean, K-Flay will be performing, so obviously it’ll be fantastic).
This year’s Soundtrack is passionate and soulful, but laid-back and somewhat understated. Click a song to see for yourself:

Songs from the soundtrack and a list of song titles can be downloaded here.


3 Responses to “New Stanford Soundtrack Rocks. Concert Will Kick Ass.”

  1. Megan Miller says:

    Galen, you rock for posting this. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anthony Sanchez says:

    I wonder if Kflay is going to continue her music after she graduates. She’s impressive.

  3. Jamboree in the Hills says:

    One of my favorite concerts is jamboree in the hills. Country music at its finest.


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