One of those days

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So, life as a grad student on campus is tough. It’s fun also, but it’s challenging. Sometimes these challenges add to the fun. But other times, it’s just one of those days. Days when nothing is going your way. Research is headed nowhere. Your perl code is sucking the life out of the 64 node cluster and yet, it’s coming up with nothing of interest. Your project partner is slacking off and hence inhibiting your progress. You try to get some peace by spending some quality study time at the Law School Library, but the person next to you is talking the love-talk with his girlfriend and hence you decide – it’s one of those days again! Being an international student, there is no family anywhere in a 4000 mile radius! And how much time can you spend talking to your girlfriend back home – burning a hole through your stipend? And… just when you decide it can’t get worse – KABOOOOM.

This is what happened last Tuesday on campus. After a bad day I was riding back home from the Law School lib to my boring apartment in Rains. And thinking that it’s as bad as it gets, I got the shock of my life. At an intersection, this car hit me when I was on my bike, narrowly missing my legs, throwing me and my bike a few feet forward. Thank God I pulled up my legs so I can walk today, and thank God I had braced myself for the hit so I did not lose balance and so did not fall flat on the ground. And this was not where it ended: the Mechanical Engineering undergrad from Kansas who was behind the wheel then started to blame me for riding my bike recklessly – and that I didn’t have a light and that I was a “fool”. Well I guess I was somewhat in the wrong, but not entirely – whatever happened to stopping at the STOP sign. Anyway, the point is, I am lucky to be alive and in one piece today. And somehow after that narrow escape, it sort of hit me – life is too short to drown oneself in shit. Granted that things might not be going the way we want, but then, there are so many things that are still going my way, my loved one still love me, it’s California, so the sun is always shining, research will look up someday too! I just need to keep working at it and keep faith in God and in myself. I guess what I am trying to say is, we are all lucky to be alive on this beautiful earth of ours and we should cherish every moment of it while we are here, especially given that we live in one of the most beautiful campuses in the world with more to offer than the entire country of Luxembourg (no offense to any Luxembourgians on campus)!


6 Responses to “One of those days”

  1. paranoid driver says:

    dude, seriously, without a bike light, you’re invisible at night. i didn’t realize how bad it was until i got a car on campus this year.

  2. That being said.. says:

    …I’m sorry you had a shitty day, and I hope tomorrow is better.

  3. Galen says:

    sorry about your crappy day. i hope things look up for you this week.

  4. politics says:

    As you said, keep the faith. Without the bad days, the good days just wouldn’t seem as special.

  5. politics says:

    As you said, keep the faith. Without the bad days, the good days just wouldn’t seem as special.

  6. dimitris says:

    my friend, I am in the same situation with my research or maybe much worse, I am in London, not sunny like California but still great, and I ‘m thinking to drop my phd and accept an offer for an internship in… Luxembourg (i hope this country has some things to offer more than the stanford campus, otherwise there is no hope:)


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