Performing Arts at Admit Weekend

Posted by at 12:54PM

The Unofficial Stanford Blog was tabling at Admit Weekend in a relatively secluded corner with few visitors. Despite the presence of KZSU and the Stanford Humor magazine, it was still relatively dull in our part of the admit universe … until … our new neighbors showed up.
The Arabesque Belly Dancing squad of Yule, Zataia and Zoe not only brightened our tabling locality with some colors but staged a great performance on some arabic music being played by KZSU. Here is a video of some wonderful belly dancing by these ladies:

and while these ladies were preparing to dance, some street dancing also happened in the vicinity (continue for video)…

and a little more formal form of dancing was happening elsewhere as part of the activities fair

PS: Note to new admits, come to Stanford … it’s great and fun …



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