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In the midst of all the flyers and banners on campus, and all the other miscellaneous advertisements (indeed, this is the…5th post of a Senate candidate advertising on the Blog), you might be overwhelmed or increasingly indifferent to more publicity. But, still, I feel compelled to display my reasons for running and try to convey the type of person I am.
Now I know some of you simply might not care about the Senate, and don’t want your blog polluted by these ad’s. So I’m not going to say any more, on this main page.
If you are interested in my campaign, click the “view more” button below”.

Here’s a brief summary of the issues
I think:
* OSA Party Policies need more student input
* Bureaucratic Fees need reduction to control the rising cost of education
* Solar Power / Recycling helps campus sustainability
* The Arts need more emphasis and funding
* A Sweat-free Campus is part of Stanford’s global duty.
The biggest issue on my campaign platform – also the one I am most
passionate about – is the need for increased adoption of sustainable
practices by the Stanford administration on campus. I plan to work
tirelessly to make the campus more friendly to the environment and transform
Stanford into a global leader in sustainability efforts.
In my high school, I implemented a range of “greening” measures for my
campus. I first worked on getting a recycling program throughout the school,
as we had none. I found a school alum to donate recycling bins and started a
club to encourage recycling. By my junior year, this program began to be in
effect. I then began planning the construction of an organic garden for our
school. I assembled a team of students and led them in construction of a
terraced garden on the school’s hillside. The vegetables harvested from the
garden now are used in the school’s cafeteria.
My biggest project was convincing the school to install a massive array
of solar panels. I began in my Sophomore year, exploring the possibility for
the school to get photovoltaic panels and learning about how they work. Over
the following three years, I developed a proposal that I presented to the
school’s Board of Trustees to install a 60 kilo-watt photovoltaic array on
the gym roof. It took this long because we had to develop a completely new
business structure that involved a third-party buying the panels for the
school and leasing them back to the school, in order to indirectly benefit
from the tax benefits (the school could not take them directly since schools
are non-profits). I am proud to say that the Board agreed to install the
It is in this similar vein that I have begun working to get a
large-scale solar array at Stanford. I don’t want too say too much over this
email list for political reasons within the school’s administration, but
suffice to say that I have begun taking large steps towards working to get
renewable energy at Stanford and hope that my post at the ASSU will help me
further my goals.
I just want to get out there, in the midst of many candidates who say
they want more sustainability, that I am the candidate with the credentials,
passion, and motivation to effect real change to benefit the environment.
Another big issue is the miscellaneous fees that the administration keep charging students. Did you know that you pay for those phones in your rooms, even when they are seldom used? I know I have never used mine. Yet we still have to pay a fee for it. In this vein, I plan to conduct a review of many of the fees that we are charge to see ifi there is a way we can make them target specific users of the services and not everyone.
I pride myself on being able to take issues as they arise and analyze them with an open and critical mind.
I would appreciate your vote on Wednesday/Thursday at ballot.stanford.edu
– Raffi
Check out my facebook group that has more information at:


2 Responses to “Raffi for Senate!”

  1. motivated says:

    I may not be as active as you are when i was a student but I can feel your concern, your fight for a good cause.
    You are personally motivated to run and voice out what you think is right for the students.
    You keep up the good work! Stay motivated as you are, too :)

  2. Staying Motivated says:

    By staying motivated, you can really do the things you want or plan to do. You can achieve your goals as long as you keep yourself motivated.
    The students need a good leader who would help them voice out their concerns. As a leader, you must motivate your members. To effectively motivate them, you yourself must be motivated also.


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