Sarah Golabek-Goldman for Senate!

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My name is Sarah Golabek-Goldman and I am running for Undergraduate Senate. As a Senate Associate on the Communications and Advocacy Committees this year, I investigated new ways to improve communication between ASSU and the student body. In addition, I met with Bing Overseas Studies Program to broaden international study opportunities. While serving on the ASSU, I have learned how important it is to create student policies and programs that are practical and have a positive impact on Stanford students.
As a senator, one of my top priorities will be to make books more accessible to the student body. Under the existing system at Green Library, a professor must pay the cost himself if he wants to put an additional textbook on reserve. As a result, there is an inadequate amount of books on reserve and students who rely on these textbooks are academically disadvantaged. Next year, I plan to work with Access Services at Green Library in order to help reform the reserve policy so that students who cannot afford textbooks do not have to compete for books on reserve during exam week and are able to check them out for more than two hours.
Next year, I will promote sustainability by encouraging Stanford Dining and additional row houses to adopt environmentally friendly programs. In addition, I will investigate gender-blind housing and educate student groups about funding opportunities.
I believe that students should have a strong voice on campus. If elected, I will push for the ASSU website to be updated on a regular basis. In addition, I will set up more suggestion boxes around campus so that students can share their concerns and ideas with the Undergraduate Senate.
I have been endorsed by the Stanford Democrats, JSA, QSA and Stanford Review.
Thank you so much for your support. Please contact me at with any comments or suggestions!



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