SLAC Marches to Meeting With President Hennessy

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SLAC marched this evening with about fifty supporters from White Plaza to Hennessy’s office in the Main Quad, where SLAC and the President met at 5PM to discuss the group’s demands for a Real Living Wage. To pass the time while SLAC and the President met, representatives from groups sympathetic to the cause gave speeches followed by more chanting.
Hennessy and SLAC met for about an hour, after which the students emerged and announced that another meeting would be held the following day. The University also released a statement this evening clarifying some of the University’s difficulties in implementing a living wage policy for everyone affiliated with Stanford:

The students were reminded that there are hundreds-perhaps thousands-of contracts put in place each year. Some are for very small dollar amounts or are one-time contracts that last only a short time. University officials have stated that it would be nearly impossible to monitor this number of contracts or would require unreasonable additional resources to implement this level of monitoring.

For now, SLAC’s fast continues. Read on for more video from SLAC and a list of attending groups.

Groups in attendance included: Barrio Assistance, MSAN, Habla La Noche, Q&A, MEChA, SCAI, Amnesty, Six Degrees, El Centro Chicano, and the Sweatshop-Free Coalition.
A representative from Queer & Asian noted that Stanford’s railroad fortune was built on the backs of Chinese laborers and that, in fact, Leland Stanford Sr. considered the Chinese to be an inferior race and said so in his inaugural address as Governor of California. Hmmm.
Previous testimony from Stanford laborers:

Note: They incorrectly state that Stanford’s endowment is $1.4 billion. It is in fact $14 billion.
Jackie commends SLAC for not being just “arm chair” activists.


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  1. Zangief says:

    SLAC is doing great work here! I’m glad they’re pushing for a living wage – economics was always so dull to listen to, and I’m sure its vaunted “theories” about labor supply and demand don’t work in practice!
    Join me in Pyongyang, where the living wage is the same for all folks!


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