Student Groups, For the ProFros – Come to Activities Fair!

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You’ve already heard all the warnings about taking Admit Weekend with a grain of salt but quite frankly, I’ve never heard of a single student (well, maybe this one) who took Admit Weekend for its face value. You’re smart, you’re here, and you already have the tools to go out and discover the “real” Stanford.
What constitutes a “real” Stanford? The classes? The incredible access to research that undergraduates have? Open-minded, accessible faculty? The funding Stanford provides? Great overseas opportunities? All of these, yes – but it’s your classmates that will really help you find your anchor here.
Stanford has an amazing array of student groups. When I first came to Stanford, I found it difficult to believe that students were actually doing and running some of these groups. Groups like FACES, which organizes two professional conferences every year at Stanford and in China for student leaders. ASES, which promotes networking and mentorship for budding entrepreneurs in Asia. FACE AIDS, fighting AIDS in Africa. EPATT – East Palo Alto Tennis and Tutoring. Amazing events being put on by Stanford chapters of professional organizations, such as IEEE; BASES, connecting students with Venture Capital firms. SIG, providing Stanford students with internships in Washington, DC and beyond at key policy institutes around the world. The Stanford Dems, connecting campus to local California issues as well as coordinating student volunteers for national elections. There are several more that I’m missing right now.

That’s not even getting into the amazing students behind the communities around Stanford: groups like The Unofficial Blog, the Daily, the ASSU programs, the communities of color, the greek community.
The point is, students are the ones behind all of these groups. These will be your future classmates, your dormmates, your roommates, yourself. The people leading these and even more innovative groups in the future? You. Stanford has an incredibly supportive structure for student innovation and leadership. (Like everything else at Stanford, there exists an acronym and a website corresponding to it.)
So come on and talk with us. We’ll be here all year round. Even more so during Admit Weekend’s Activities Fair, today from 11-1pm, and during the larger extravaganza that is Fall Quarter’s ActFair. See you soon.



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