Student Unions Blog Launched

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unionsblogscreen.jpgWith all of the new traffic that is bound to come to this blog, I thought it a perfect time to announce the launch of the the Student Unions blog, the third in what will hopefully become a full network of student blogs. With lots of help from USB contributors Galen (gttp) and Megan (studentarts), I was able to get this thing going, and I hope it will become a great resource for students interested in learning more about the unions and getting involved!
For now, most of the content will be around Old Union and its renovation. There seems to be a major gap between what a student involved in the process (like me) and what the average student knows. I hope this blog helps alleviate that and re-opens the channels of communication. So, check out the blog, leave your comments, or email me at After all, this should really become a real student union.


One Response to “Student Unions Blog Launched”

  1. Galen says:

    woohoo! i’m excited!!


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