Take Back the Web: the Stanford d.school and Firefox Join Forces

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Firefox is a clear choice for many students and tech aficionados thanks to personalized browsers, security, and the overall notion of fighting against the Man!
When the Stanford d.school and Firefox joined forces to spread Firefox for the Spring 2006 class, CIA: Creating Infectious Action, the synergy and results were incredible. Rockstar students, guided by rockstar teaching coaches, created some of the best Firefox extensions and marketing campaigns to date (check out this sex and religion combo: Firefoxies and Faith Browser).
Thanks in part to this success, the d.school launched CIA 2.0: CIA-KGB (ARRR!). And guess what, Firefox is back, and better than ever!
Students this quarter are once again doing some really cool stuff. For example, Madalina Seghete and Tyler Griffin Hicks-Wright’s project, My Friendly Fox, seeks to improve the eBay shopping experience by customizing the browser with an eBay toolbar and an ad blocking feature. Moreover, they added oomph to the little fox that could… by adding another fox! Say hello to foxkeh.
sexy foxkeh
At the d.school, the design process is highly looked upon. These students are working long and hard, and smart, to help users understand the benefits of a better browser.


2 Responses to “Take Back the Web: the Stanford d.school and Firefox Join Forces”

  1. sajid says:

    minliu, firefox is killing ie. its 100 time better then ie and work good and fast. i always feel good browsing with firefox.
    Firefox boost up thgrough google ads. they have use good protocls and techinuesd to handle errors and bugs, like flash or java.

  2. LennyP says:

    While Firefox offers so much more, and IE offers so little, it amazes me that IE used so much more frequently than Firefox.


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