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We’re pleased and grateful that the Daily chose to cover us in today’s issue and are eagerly watching our visit statistics to see just what the “Daily premium” is for being featured in an article. We’ll let you know.
Have a look at the article and let us know what you think. It begins:

On any given day, a reader of the Unofficial Stanford Blog might find a first-person account from one of the living wage fasters, a discussion of the University’s installation art or political commentary from an opinionated student. Since its launch on Feb. 10, has acquired a following, with 33 separate bloggers writing hundreds of posts, 500 unique visitors a day and 11,000 unique visitors since Feb. 28.

Just a brief comment on why we’re here. Our big commitments are to creativity and open-mindedness; the former because the medium is so flexible, and the latter because Stanford is such a diverse community.
There is so much going on here — so many thoughts, so many activities — that it’s impossible to cover everything and from every perspective. What this Blog ensures is that, if you or your group wants to be heard, you have access to making that happen (signing up is easy), and a lot of flexibility in how you do it. Links? Photos? Audio? Video?
Folks, this is the 21st century. Let’s make good use of it.


One Response to “Thanks, Daily!”

  1. Troy says:

    I’d like to have our readers talk about about what we’re missing. What topics could we blog about more to make it an interesting read/discussion.
    My thoughts:
    –More event reviews
    –More opinion pieces (we saw how Galen’s CourseGuide post has made some waves)
    –More videos
    –More interviews of cool people
    I’ll do my best to add some of this to my posts. Anyone else? Thoughts?


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