The Best Ad of the Campaign

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Say “Yes” to Nho for ASSU Senate. For more, check out his Facebook group.


2 Responses to “The Best Ad of the Campaign”

  1. The Unofficial Stanford Blog says:

    Avula/Jones Wins ASSU Executive – Live Coverage

    “We weren’t expecting this!” 5:12 – ASSU Executive (Run-off Results): Round 1 Avula/Jones – 1867 Submit – 136 Smith/Ladewig – 339 Brett and Lakshmi – 1715 The Warm Weather Party – 440 Submit eliminated first round Round 2 Avula/Jones…

  2. The Unofficial Stanford Blog says:

    Avula/Jones Will Face Divided Senate: It’s the Queers vs. the Coloreds

    Yes, folks, it’s true. This year, candidates endorsed by the Students of Color Coalition (SOCC) did worse in the election than they did last year (btw, where’s the SOCC website??). Perhaps that’s because student discontent rose sharply under the Coalit…


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