The Stanford Current on KZSU 90.1 FM!

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Interested in news from the Stanford bubble and beyond? Want to know what’s going on on campus? Tune into the Stanford Current!
The Stanford Current is KZSU 90.1 FM’s news show that airs every Monday at 6:30pm. You can stream it live here.
Also, check out the Stanford Current’s new website. You can download previous shows and check out the staff.
This week’s show will include headlines from the Stanford bubble and beyond in “Your World This Week,” a survey of campus resources for student welfare, and an interview with Peter Scheer, Executive Director of the California First Amendment Coalition, on Josh Wolf and who is a journalist.
Not mention our new segment, “Question of the Week,” which we pose to random Stanford students. Look out for us on campus and give us your opinion! This week’s question: Was the Three Ex-Terrorists Event constructive?
We will begin posting our audio content on the blog early next week.


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