Why Vote for Brett and Lakshmi?

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We are Brett Hammon and Lakshmi Karra (aka Brett and Lakshmi) and we are running for ASSU Exec. We would like to be your President and Vice-President because we will make Stanford a great place next year. We have the experience and the ideas, but what truly sets us apart is our leadership skills. All the executive slates are promising a lot of similar things – things that two people cannot possibly accomplish on their own. And we feel our strength will be leading and motivating the ASSU to want to accomplish these goals. We will be visible Executives showing up at all campus events and many student group meetings so that you’ll feel comfortable approaching us with an issue.
So check out our platform in detail as well as some fun media at www.brettandlakshmi.com. Voting is next Wednesday and Thursday online at ballot.stanford.edu. All grads and undergrads (including seniors) can vote. You’ll be hearing more from us soon!


4 Responses to “Why Vote for Brett and Lakshmi?”

  1. Ravi says:

    Awesome! Good luck to both of you!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leaders must really need motivation strategies for its group. But they should be the ones who has self-motivation first in order for them to motivate their members.
    Motivation is important for a group to achieve their goals. If one of the members or leaders is not well motivated, it will affect the whole. So it is important that everyone is well motivated to achieve the goal of the group.

  3. sedona method says:

    As leaders, you should show strength to your members. They should see hope in you. You should be positive with your ideas and in achieving your goals.
    Achieve emotional wellness through the sedona method to help you feel great and positive. This is very important in leadership.

  4. Austin says:



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