2,000 Free CDs. You know you want one…

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Ten reasons YOU should get one or several copies of the Stanford Soundtrack Vol. 6:

  1. The music is great.
  2. 20 tracks from the best Stanford bands and musicians.
  3. The packaging is totally awesome, and you know you want it on your shelf.
  4. Did I mention it’s free?
  5. Take some home to friends and family — it’s the coolest Stanford souvenir you’ll find on campus.
  6. It’s volume six, which means, if you have any of the past volumes (volumes one-five), you should complete your collection.
  7. You might have missed the Soundtrack CD Release party, but you can party to this CD.
  8. Your friends are either on the Soundtrack, or, if you are at all the kind of cool Stanford student I assume you to be, you have probably seen some of the bands play at campus parties, or at the CoHo or Moonbeans.
  9. You love music.
  10. You love Stanford.

You can pick up your free copy from the CoHo, or from the unofficial SOCA warehouse, the SICA office — in Roble Gym, first office on your right after you enter.


One Response to “2,000 Free CDs. You know you want one…”

  1. PHILIPO AYESU says:

    iwant cds.


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