ASSU Senate Approves Airport Shuttle Program!

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The Daily ran an article today on last night’s ASSU Senate meeting with the headline, “Senate meeting mired in debate.”
Um, isn’t the ASSU Senate a deliberative body?
Maybe I’m downplaying the contention too much, but it seems to me that the actual news from the meeting was that, in fact, the new airport shuttle program to SFO and San Jose airports has been passed overwhelmingly by the Senate. This is an incredible cost-saving opportunity for students, in my opinion, and is something that I think puts our student government in a pretty good light. Nice work, guys.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    To your comment on the Daily’s headline:
    Um, aren’t headlines supposed to describe the events that take place?

  2. Troy says:

    Yeah, but they are also supposed to be substantive and hopefully touch on the most “news-worthy” components of the story.
    This is longer post, but I, for one, would rather a Senate “mired” in debate. Since when is debate a bad thing? The Daily makes it sound as if debate and dissent hinder progress. I say, instead, they are at its core.
    I think this is, once again, the Daily’s attempt to portray the ASSU as a bunch of inept bureaucrats, missing out of the real story…and the NEWS that will truly impact students.

  3. Chris Nguyen says:

    The Daily printed my Letter to the Editor regarding this article:
    Questions and debates are good for democracy
    I was amused to open The Daily to find that the ASSU Senate was “mired” in debate on the issues in their May 29 meeting (“Senate meeting mired in debate,” May 30). Perhaps I haven’t understood my political science classes very well, but I thought legislative bodies were supposed to engage in debate.
    The Daily also reported, “The divisions in the 9th ASSU Undergraduate Senate were on full display at last night’s meeting,” yet the story only noted that the Senate cast votes of 15-0 and 14-1. I am not a math major, but votes of 15-0 and 14-1 do not seem very divided to me. Did the article neglect to report some sort of 8-7 vote? Did the story inaccurately state the Senate was divided?
    I also hope Senator Corinne Prudhomme was misquoted when The Daily reported that she accused Senator Luukas Ilves of being “‘disrespectful’ and redundant” when he wanted to ask questions of the new Elections Commission as part of the Senate’s advise and consent process for confirmation of appointed officials. Did Prudhomme think it was disrespectful or redundant when U.S. Senator Dick Durbin asked Samuel Alito a question about abortion on the third day of his confirmation as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, especially considering that U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer had already asked Alito a question about abortion the day before?
    Chris Nguyen
    Senior, Political Science and History


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