AutoAdmit “director” offer of employment withdrawn

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According to the Wall Street Journal law blog, the former “Chief Education Director” of, which bills itself as “The most prestigious college discussion board in the world,” has had an offer of employment withdrawn.
For those of you not familiar with the scandal, the Washington Post published an exposé of harrassment (registration may be required) of female law students perpetuated by anonymous posters to this board in an unmoderated law student discussion forum on March 7. Names and other identifying information of the students harrassed were published on the board and not taken down.

Immediately after the exposé, Deans at several law schools denounced the forum and one warned that posters may face consequences during moral or character fitness tests.
One woman’s reaction to the Washington Post expose was to recount her harrassment by anonymous AutoAdmit posters. While reading it, you hear of some truly vile behavior perpetuated by some law students whose anonymity was protected under the guise of “free speech” and “encouraging the marketplace of ideas.”
Well, the beauty of the marketplace of ideas is that people don’t have to buy what you’re selling and indeed, the market has begun to met out its punishment. Too bad many of the law students harrassing their fellow female students or contributing to their harrassment by posting rape threats have posted anonymously, or the marketplace could punish them, too.



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