Bicycle Wrecks

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My wife and I, journalists from Alaska, are making a short, non-commercial documentary video about bicycling on the Stanford campus — the sheer beauty of it, the rush, the joys and pitfalls, and the collisions.
If you’ve been in a crash on your bike, whether solo or with others, we’d like to interview you. If you’re agreeable, please contact Peter at or Kathleen at, or call 1.650.494.1361.
We’re also interested in talking to Stanford musicians who’d be interested in writing and playing original music for the project.
Hope to hear from you!
Peter Porco


One Response to “Bicycle Wrecks”

  1. Richard Stancik says:

    I’d really be interested in seeing that when you’re done. Is that going to be something you publish online, or Youtube or something? I live in Bloomington, IN the town where the great cycling movie Breaking Away was filmed and takes place.


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