Boycott Exotic Erotic Posters: Why?

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I saw this poster a few days leading up to Exotic Erotic, the party held on Friday, May 18th at 680 Lomita. The unofficial rules of the party are: men are allowed to wear only one piece of clothing, women are allowed two pieces. Most people just come showing off a lot of skin. The party is legendary and many people outside of Stanford have heard of the party – which goes a long way to diffusing the “Stanford kids don’t know how to party” attitude.
So I was quite surprised to see these posters literally EVERYWHERE. The picture shows a swimsuit model edited with Photoshop to look like she had been beaten up. The text reads: “3 women are murdered everyday by their husbands or boyfriends. How do _I_ disrespect women? Boycott Exotic Erotic”
For this I have to say:
1) Women who go to Exotic DECIDE for themselves to dress scantily or not.
2) Going to Exotic Erotic (as a male) does not disrespect women
3) Staring at women with little clothing on does not make me more likely to kill them.

I hate when people talk about how men “objectify” women and treat them as things as opposed to real people. How many people everyday do you treat “like objects”. You don’t really care about the cashier person – you just want your change. You don’t care about the postal worker – you just want your mail. You don’t care about the police officer – you just don’t want to get a ticket. Everyday we “use” people. That’s life and there is nothing wrong with that.
My final question is – who in the world is funding these people to put up these posters? They are large and photo-quality. That costs money and the fact that they are everywhere means that there have to be a lot of people and time behind this.


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  1. Alexis says:

    While I agree with your point that Exotic Erotic does not make most men more likely to kill women, I must say that a lot of men go to Exotic Erotic to see these almost naked women. I acknowledge that there are some who go to just “have fun”, but I think it’s safe to say that a big motive for Exotic Erotic is seeing women with little clothing on. Yes, these women participate in Exotic Erotic willingly and should not be disdained for exercising their choice, but at the same time, we cannot say that there is no ounce of disrespect or objectification present at the party. On the whole though, I feel like we are all adults and the Boycotting Exotic Erotic posters aren’t really verified in terms of their goal.
    The thing I take most issue with is your comparison of treating women like objects and treating cashiers and postal workers like objects. I agree that people do “use” these employees in daily life, but you cannot compare using women to using cashiers. Postal workers aren’t treated as things when they aren’t working. They don’t have a whole history and dozens of cultures that disrespect them in every way, shape, or form. Moreover, these employees, for the most part, choose their jobs. Yeah they might suck, but they get paid for it. Women, on the hand, do not choose their gender. They cannot just turn it off one day and enjoy all the privileges of being a man. We don’t fundamentally disrespect or objectify those people you mentioned on the basis of immutable characteristics.
    Maybe when, I don’t know, women are able to get full equality rights, social respect, and receive equal pay, we can discuss your notion that “there’s nothing wrong” with using people.

  2. Jason Shen says:

    Alexis, first off – thank you for commenting on The Blog, we’re always glad to have visitors who make thoughtful comments on our posts. That’s what makes this site more of a conversation.
    To address a few of your points: You’re right – being a postal worker is a job while being a women is something you are stuck with. But I don’t think women are objectified all the time, only sometimes. For instance, when they go to Exotic Erotic wearing very little. And this is something they can choose not to do. And men are also objectified – think of Chippendales shows or Brad Pitt in Troy. Do you really think women go see these things to respect them like full persons?
    And as for your final point, I think it’s time to relook at men vs women inequality issues. Consider:
    Men are 4x more likely to commit suicide than women
    Women live longer than men.
    Men are 2x as likely to be victims of violence.
    More women are accepted to and attend college, and are awarded more degrees.
    Men’s wages are falling while women’s wages are rising.
    There is a lot more than meets the eye in this issue…

  3. Alexis says:

    Jason, I definitely agree with a lot of the points you make. A lot of people don’t realize that men are often objectified and that women aren’t always objectified either.
    As for your points, they are all very interesting, and I too appreciate the discussion. Right before I read your post, I read an article and watched a video today about the Dua Khalil honorary killing in Iraq and I was just appalled. I don’t know if that would have happened if the attackers were women and the victim was a man, although I realize it could definitely happen.
    Thanks for your response and keep up the posts!

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