Can You Focus for 5 Minutes?

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As we head into the final stretches of the quarter we find ourselves working feverishly on midterms, papers, problem sets and final projects. And at the very same time we’re checking our facebook news feed to see who updated their profile picture and refreshing our email for new smells in the girl’s bathroom.
What ends up happening is that hours will pass and a few paragraphs get written. If this happens to you, and I know it happens to me all the time, I’ve got an easy solution:
Block out everything and focusing for 5 minutes.
Sit down and get cracking and don’t let yourself check your email for the full 5 minutes and you’ll get your work done in no time. If it sounds too easy, that’s because it is.
If you really focus for 5 minutes, you’ll get into the groove and will end up working for 10 or 20 minutes before you actually end up checking your email. Sometimes you just need to fool yourself into working hard and it will happen. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.
Stop reading this and focus on your work for 5 minutes. And then come back and tell me what happened. I dare you.


One Response to “Can You Focus for 5 Minutes?”

  1. christian says:

    Yea, I can’t concentrate– at all. I read this on my RSS, then come over to the blog to post about how I read and agree with this post. It’s getting bad. I had this sweet program, Temptation Blocker, which allowed you to block the opening of programs you designate, for a certain amount of time. You either had to wait the time you set or type in some long chain of characters to unlock your WoW or whatever you were playing. Don’t know what happened to that but it was a good idea…


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