Dream Deferred

Posted by at 3:24PM

Last night, Wesley Clark speculated that the issue that defines our generation will be the way we deal with economic inequality. Do we accept the growing disparity as the natural evolution of society and do nothing or do we enact policies to combat this disparity. I tend to agree and would even extend this to whether or not we accept dramatic inequalities on a global scale.
I won’t go into my views, but point you to a study over at the Economic Mobility Project. (Via Kevin Drum.) As you can see from the chart above, men in their 30s are doing less well, in an absolute sense, then their father’s generation. If you read the report, you’ll see we aren’t doing so well in terms of relative mobility.
The question is, how are we going to address this issue–if we are going to address it at all? I’m fond of talking about the powerful, transformative potential of our generation (those under thirty) and believe we can deal with it if we choose to and make it a priority. But will we?



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